About us


A Hippie and a Doctor… determined to make a difference to gut health...

Paul, a brewer, a craftsman, a mountain biker, a musician AND Dr. Henry- PHD in Molecular Psychology (UCL). Postdoctoral research associate.

...with an experienced güt team in support

Paul has always had big hair ... but he also used to have big weight, bad enough that at at the age of 21 climbing the stairs was becoming a problem. 

So he decided that it was time to make a change - to find a way to be able to play hard, but also to better look after his health and his weight. 

So Paul started to learn about gut health, an ongoing journey that led to him working in Kombucha businesses in the USA and also to meeting up with Dr Henry Taunt, a PHD microbiologist at UCL.

And it was during this journey, Paul became convinced of the benefit of prebiotics and their potential to have a measurable impact on gut health and wellbeing for almost everyone.

This is what GÜT Drinks is inspired by. We want to help people with little everyday steps towards better gut health . We’re not suggesting drinking a can will solve every issue around digestive health, but it has been helpful for Paul. And with each can containing a third of the scientifically proven daily dose of Chicory Root fibre, it is an easy (and deliciously refreshing) way to make a step in a güt direction.