What does gut health mean? 
Your gut health is essentially all the different types of bacteria, virus and funghi that are in you're digestive system. The combination of these is called your microbiome these microbiota actually out number the amount of human cells we have and live with us in symbiosis. If you look after them then they will look after you!
Why does it matter? 
Your microbiome has the ability to effect many different parts of your body. Over the past few years there have been many studies around the brain gut axis and how one affects the other, On top of this a healthy gut can help: Lower stress levels, decrease anxiety, help with weight management, nutrient absorption, energy levels and many more things. If your gut is unhealthy however it can lead to crohns, IBS, colitis and leaky gut. There is much more on this in the blog section of our website.
What makes güt perfect for a happy güt? 
Güt is perfect for a happy gut as it contains a source of fibre called inulin . Inulin is an oligosaccharide which is a very long chain carbohydrate that can't be broken down apart from your good bacteria in your gut!
What are the benefits of drinking güt? 
A can of Güt isn't going to instantly fix all gut problems you have, it will however provide a delicious way of contributing some prebiotic fibre to your diet! 
How often do I need to drink it to feel the benefit? 
Each can of Güt contains half of your daily dose of inulin fibre, it then takes between 10 &14 days for your microbiome shift to a healthier equilibrium you can help to support this by eating lots of different fibrous foods to help feed the gut at the same time.
Are there any risks? 
Unfortunately yes. The main risk comes from enjoying the drink too much and getting a bit too much fibre in one go! When you are first starting to drink Güt you should't have more than 2 cans in one day and they should be spread out across the day. Once your microbiome starts to shift however the amount of fibre you are able to digest increases as there are more and more of the good guys in their waiting to eat!
Where can I buy Güt? 
At the moment you can buy it direct from our website and we will get it sent out to you!
What to expect when I drink it good and bad?
 When you have drunk Güt for a while you will start to feel all of the benefits listed above, the only downside of drinking Güt is that when you first start you will get a little bit more gassy than usual but this is just those good guys digesting the fibre and providing a whole load of gütness for a little bit of gas!
Is Güt suitable for vegans?  Yes!! All of out ingredients are vegan friendly
Is Güt suitable for Celiacs?
It is indeed! Non of our ingredients that we use contain gluten of have been derived from a gluten containing ingredient. 
Any other questions?
Head over to our contact page, drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! https://gut-drinks.com/pages/got-a-question